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How to help

Your sponsorship can provide children with the resources, mentors, and experiences to activate the Natural Leader within each of them. Upon completion of the program, children return to their families and communities, empowered to lead by example and transform their worlds.

Why should I help?

Countless children in Los Angeles lack the family and community support structures required to be healthy and happy. These kids do not have access to typical educational resources and recreational outlets. Instead, they are surrounded by high crime rates and drug use. They struggle to make it safely through the school day, cope with a tumultuous home life, or get enough to eat – let alone receive the necessary guidance, instruction, and interaction. The sooner we can provide children with the tools they need to be effective leaders, and the more often we can connect with them, the bigger the difference we can make! Our interaction benefits not only the child, but also the child’s family, friends, community – and thus, our communities, and yours. 


KVBL Mission

Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL) uses basketball as a catalyst to create a safe environment for youth around the globe. The goal of the KVBL is to provide experiences for children that empower them to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence in themselves and each other, and truly become “Natural Leaders” of their own communities. The KVBL also promotes teamwork through basketball and introduces kids to healthy diets, exercise, leadership, agriculture and sustainable living.


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